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The Pastoral Council is the leadership body for MINISTRIES of the Parish of Saint Anne.  It is this body the helps to define and direct us toward the advancement of our Mission statement. The Pastoral council is made up of four active clusters:  Word, Worship, Community Enrichment and Christian Service.  Within these four active clusters lie the heart and soul of our parish.  Through the stewardship of  time and talent we are able to implement our vision.




Through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) adults who would like to become Roman Catholic, those who have never been baptized, or those baptized Christians or Catholics who have never completed the sacraments of Initiation, are given the opportunity to begin thier spiritual journey and become fully initiated in the Roman Catholic faith community.



Christian Service Cluster
The Christian Service Cluster is devoted to extending the Ministry of the Parish to the poor, the infirm, the hungry, the displaced, the shut-in and the immigrant. 


Community Enrichment Cluster
The Community Enrichment Cluster is devoted to providing an atmosphere in the parish that breeds a community spirit.

Worship Cluster
The Worship Cluster encompasses the planning and preparation of liturgical celebrations, devotions for the year, and publishing the "Worship Aids" for special feasts and holy days.  It is a liaison between the Pastor, the Executive Board, and the Music Ministry and oversees various sub-committees.

The Word Cluster
The Word Cluster is devoted to teaching. Through the School of Religious Education the preparation for the sacraments, and participation in the Mass, our children, the future lifeblood of the Church are taught the fundamental of our religion.

Pastoral Council
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